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Laboratory Submission

ESRS members can fill in detailed information about their own sleep research laboratory in the ESRS members only website. The submission will be evaluated by the Research Networking Committee. Approved laboratories will be included in this list, visible in the public section of the website.

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Experimental Sleep Studies, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Rihel Lab, University College London

CENC - Sleep Medicine Center, CENC

Meerlo Lab, University of Groningen

Neuroenergetic and Cellular Dynamic Laboratory - S, CHUV

Le laboratoire du sommeil, CHU de Grenoble

Research Group on Experimental and Clinical Stress, University of Bergen

Cardiovascular Neuroscience Lab, University of Milan

PRISM: Physiological Regulation in Sleeping Mice, University of Bologna

Human Chronobiology, Inserm U846

Emmy Noether Lab for Memory Consolidation and Slee, University of Tübingen

NEUROLOGICAL SLEEP UNIT, University Hospital La Paz

Sleep Laboratory, University of Florence

Sleep Lab., University of Pécs

Pediatric Sleep Center, Sapienza University

Centre de Médecine du Sommeil, Hôpital Antoine Béclère

Chronobiology, University of Surrey

Surrey Sleep Research Centre, University of Surrey

Sleep Unit. General Universitary Hospital of Caste, Sleep Unit

Helsinki Sleep Clinic, Vitalmed Research Centre

HUMAN RESEARCH, Institute for Health Technology an

Neurobiology of Sleep Lab, University of Belgrade

Neurobiology of sleep-waking cycle, Russian Academy of Sciences

Human Sleep Psychopharmacology Laboratory, University of Zürich

Neurogenetics of Sleep

University of Oxford Sleep Research Centre, University of Oxford

Sleep Unit CIM-Sant Pau, Research Institute of Sant Pau Hospital


Centre for Chronobiology, University of Basel

St. Vincent's University Hospital

Oivauni Sleep Clinic

London Sleep Centre

The Laboratory for the Research of Sleep Disorders, Babes-Bolyai University

Sleep Disorders Unit, Medical University Innsbruck

Sleep, Health & Society: Biochemical Research & Ep, University of Warwick

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